Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas to Build Awareness

Do you want to build brand awareness and attract more clients for your real estate business? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll reveal powerful and easy-to-implement real estate social media content ideas to build awareness that will help you connect with your audience, showcase your expertise, and grow your business. From sharing testimonials to conducting virtual tours, these strategies will turn your social media platforms into dynamic tools for engagement and success.

Showcase Testimonials

Share happy stories from your clients to build trust with your audience. Highlight their good experiences working with you, like buying or selling a home. Use written words, videos, or even posts from your clients.

For example, post a video of a family talking about their joy in finding their dream home with your help. Add a caption like, “We helped the Johnsons find their perfect home! Hear their story about the smooth and exciting journey of buying their new house. #HappyClients #DreamHome”

Highlight the Local Neighborhood

Create posts about the neighborhoods you know well. Share fun facts about local parks, events, schools, and what makes the area special. This helps people picture their life in that community.

For instance, share a photo of a beautiful local park and write, “Did you know Oakwood Park has a weekly farmers’ market? It’s the perfect place for fresh produce and community vibes! #LocalLiving #LoveYourNeighborhood”

Showcase Current Listings

Post pictures, videos, and details about the homes you are selling. This not only shows your available properties but also proves you are an expert in the real estate market.

For example, post a carousel of high-quality photos of a stunning home with a caption like, “Check out this gorgeous 3-bedroom home in Maplewood! Featuring a modern kitchen, spacious backyard, and close to top schools. Contact us for a viewing! #NewListing #HomeSweetHome”

Provide Home Maintenance Tips

Give easy advice on home care, repairs, and upgrades. This shows you are helpful and can be trusted by both buyers and sellers.

For instance, share a tip like, “Winter is coming! Remember to check your home’s insulation to keep it cozy and save on energy bills. #HomeMaintenance #WinterReady”

Share Home Buying/Selling Tips

Make posts that teach your audience about buying or selling a home. Share checklists, timelines, and advice on loans. This shows you know a lot about real estate and can help them.

For example, post a tip like, “First-time homebuyer? Here’s a quick checklist to get you started: 1) Check your credit score 2) Save for a down payment 3) Get pre-approved for a mortgage. #HomeBuyingTips #FirstTimeBuyer”

Highlight Community Involvement

Show how you help out in your local area. Share your support for events, volunteer work, or charities. This makes your brand more relatable and shows you care about the community.

For instance, post a photo of your team at a local charity event with a caption like, “Proud to support the City Food Drive! Our team had a great time volunteering and giving back to our community. #CommunityFirst #GivingBack”

Film Property Walkthroughs

Offer virtual tours and live videos of your listings. This gives buyers a close look at homes and can get them interested before they visit in person.

For example, go live on Instagram or Facebook to walk through a new listing. Say something like, “Join us live for an exclusive tour of this beautiful 4-bedroom home! See all the amazing features and ask questions in real-time. #LiveTour #VirtualOpenHouse”

Conduct Polls and Surveys

Ask your followers what they think about market trends, home features, or other real estate topics. This gets them involved and gives you useful feedback.

For instance, post a poll like, “What’s your must-have home feature? A) Spacious kitchen B) Backyard garden C) Home office D) Walk-in closet. Vote now! #PollTime #HomeFeatures”

Share Market Updates

Keep your followers up-to-date on the real estate market. Share trends, prices, and activities in your area. This shows you know your stuff and helps clients make smart choices.

For example, post an infographic with recent market stats and write, “The latest market trends are in! Home prices in Rivertown have increased by 5% this quarter. Stay informed to make the best buying or selling decisions. #MarketUpdate #RealEstateTrends”

Run Giveaways or Contests

Host fun giveaways or contests to get more engagement and followers. Offer prizes like home decor items or home improvement tools.

For instance, run a contest like, “Win a $100 gift card to Home Depot! Follow us, like this post, and tag a friend for a chance to win. #Giveaway #HomeImprovement”

By using these social media content ideas, you can build brand awareness, prove you are a trusted real estate expert, and attract more potential clients to grow your business.

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